Facts about the Birth Certificate Template template

What Is a Birth Certificate Form?

A birth certificate is a document that is filled in when a new baby is born. This vital record provides important information about the individual, and it also identifies the birth parents. This certificate may be used for a multitude of reasons. Although there are standard forms available, each state can also create their own forms for hospitals, so the appearance of a birth certificate can vary drastically.

There are different types of birth certificate forms. A certified birth certificate can be used in official legal capacity. It is filed with the state registrar and must contain an embossed, raised, multicolored or impressed seal, a signature of the registrar and the date the certificate was filed. Other information found on the birth certificate are the date and time of the birth, name and sex of the infant, full names and places of birth for the parents, the ages of the parents at the time of birth and the city and county where the birth occurred.

Some hospitals also provide a souvenir birth certificate form. This includes similar information as the certified certificate, but it also may have the footprints of the infant. These souvenir certificates are usually not accepted for citizenship or age proof, nor do they have legal value.

What Is a Birth Certificate Form Used For?

A certified birth certificate form may be used for varying reasons. Because birth certificates contain an individual’s date of birth and full name, they are used as primary identification. They list the place of birth and are used to prove that someone is a U.S. citizen. It is one of the identifications accepted when applying for a passport. Additional reasons one may request a certified birth certificate are to:

  • Enroll in school

  • Join the armed forces

  • Obtain a marriage license

  • Obtain government benefits such as welfare assistance

  • Secure insurance benefits

  • Apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number if the applicant is younger than 18

Why Should You Use a Birth Certificate Form?

A birth certificate should be used because it is required by the states as an official record of someone’s birth. It is a specific identification requirement for some documents, and it is one of the many primary identifications that can be used for a wide variety of important things, such as a driver’s license, passport, court proceedings, getting married, securing insurance benefits or receiving veteran’s benefits. Without one, an individual may not be able to obtain important documents. It also usually lists the birth father, and this information is helpful if it is currently unknown to an individual.

How To Write a Birth Certificate Form

If you are filling in a birth certificate form for your own records, you should understand what basic and essential information you want to include. Although some of the data, such as your birthdate, is easy for you to remember, other information may not be. Although you cannot use a homemade form for legal reasons, having one from which to access information easily and quickly can be convenient. For example, many things ask for your mother’s maiden name, and this may be found on a birth certificate form. The main components found on a birth certificate form usually include:

  • Name of the newborn or child

  • Date and exact time of the birth

  • Location (city, county and state) where the birth took place

  • Full name of both parents (if available)

  • Birth locations of both parents

  • Age of parents at the time of the baby’s birth

If you are making this form close to the birth, you can also choose to add the handprints and footprints of the infant. Along with being a source of information, this form can be placed in a baby book or a photo album, or you can hang it on the wall as a keepsake.

How To Fill Out a Birth Certificate Form With LegalSimpli in Five Steps

It is always nice to have an unofficial copy of the birth certificate, and fortunately, it is easy to create. Follow these simple steps to make an informational memento of the birth.

  • 1. Prepare the information:

    The process is streamlined when you gather the information ahead of time. Make sure you have the correct names of everyone involved and the right date and time of the birth. Gather the relevant information about the parents and decide if you should make room for prints from the newborn.

  • 2. Choose the right software:

    The easiest and fastest way to create this form is to use a software program. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. LegalSimpli allows you to not only easily fill in the necessary information, but it also allows you to download and save the completed document, which not all software programs do. You can also forward it to other parties, such as if the birth parents do not live together.

  • 3. Fill out the birth certificate form:

    Once you have gathered the information and have chosen the software, you are ready to begin. The program makes it easy to know where to fill in the information. It is even editable if you want to add any additional information or omit anything.

  • 4. Review:

    Because this form includes vital information about the child and birth, make sure you look it over carefully to make sure you filled it in properly and that there are no mistakes. If you need to change anything, this is easy to do.

  • 5. Save and print the form:

    Once the birth certificate form is completed and correct, make sure you save it to your records. Once you have it downloaded, you can print it out or send it to the appropriate parties for their use.

Birth Certificate Form Frequently Asked Questions

In general, you cannot change the name that is listed on your certified birth certificate unless you are correcting a mistake on it. If someone has a gender change, they may request a court order to allow you to change the gender that is listed on your birth certificate.

The individual who is named on the form can always access a certified birth certificate. Parents of a minor child can also request the child’s birth certificate form if their name is listed on the certificate. Governmental agencies can also request a copy. Other parties, such as a current or ex-spouse, legal guardian, stepparent, siblings, attorneys, adoption agencies and other family members, may be able to request another person’s birth certificate form if they provide a court order, signed notarization from the individual or a document that proves the relationship.

After the finalization of an adoption, the original birth certificate is usually sealed. An amended birth certificate is issued that lists the new name of the adoptee, and the parents adopting the child are listed as the parents.