Facts about the Social Security Replacement template

What Is a Social Security Replacement Form?

The Social Security replacement form is an application form issued by the Social Security Administration that allows people to request a replacement Social Security number card. It is the same form needed to request an original card. The only difference is that the applicant needs to indicate that the form is a request for a replacement and the documentary requirements are slightly reduced (one form of ID instead of at least two).

The official name for this form is SS-5. It is a fairly simple form that is primarily focused on the applicant’s identity. This includes legal name, name at birth, place of birth, parents’ Social Security numbers and similar pieces of information. The form can be completed by the applicant, a parent, a legal guardian or some other helper who is authorized to assist the applicant.

In addition to requesting a replacement card or an original card, the Social Security replacement form can be used to amend aspects of the applicant’s Social Security record. There is a limit of three card replacements per calendar year and 10 replacements in a lifetime. However, in some circumstances, the SSA may grant an exception if evidence is provided that such an exception is appropriate.

What Is a Social Security Replacement Form Used For?

The Social Security replacement form should be used whenever someone needs to apply for an original Social Security card, apply for a replacement or change his or her Social Security record. Social Security numbers are used when working a job in the U.S., paying and receiving Social Security, getting various government services and applying for various financial services from U.S. institutions. In most cases, simply knowing your number is sufficient; however, there are some circumstances in which the government may require you to show your card. All U.S. citizens can get social security numbers, as can noncitizens who are authorized to work in the U.S.

Why Should You Use a Social Security Replacement Form?

Living a typical life in the United States can be very challenging if you do not have a Social Security number and record with the SSA. Your SSN is used for a lot more than just managing Social Security benefits. It is frequently used as a way to identify you uniquely and is necessary to properly file taxes from your wages. While you may not always need the card itself, having a correct card in your possession can be useful for identification purposes, especially for government filings. In short, if you lose your SSN card, it gets stolen or it gets destroyed for some reason, you should complete a Social Security replacement form to get sent a new card.

How To Write a Social Security Replacement Form

Writing a Social Security replacement form is a fairly simple process. You will need to uniquely identify yourself and your parents. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the form is proving your identity. This means that, unlike some other forms, the Social Security replacement form requires you to include additional documentation.

  • Your Identity:

    On the form, you need to include your name, other names used, place of birth, date of birth, citizenship status and sex. You can also indicate your race and ethnicity, but that isn’t required.

  • Your Parents’ Identities:

    You will also need to indicate your parents’ names at birth and Social Security numbers (if known).

  • Previous Social Security Details:

    If you have an existing Social Security record, you will need to indicate that on the form. You can include details such as a previously assigned SSN and original birth date (if you are correcting it).

  • Address:

    You will need to include your mailing address. This is primarily used for the logistics of sending the physical SSN card.

  • Declaration:

    You must sign the Social Security replacement form once you have completed it. This includes a sworn declaration that all the information included is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

  • Forms of Identification:

    You must also provide current identification. The most common options include a driver’s license, state identification card and passport. There are instructions that describe which forms of ID you can use.

How To Fill Out a Social Security Replacement Form With LegalSimpli in Five Steps

  • 1. Prepare To Write:

    Completing a Social Security replacement form requires you to provide information about yourself, your birth and your parents. It is significantly easier to do if you gather all the necessary information beforehand. While you may already know a lot of it, getting the original documents such as your birth certificate can be helpful.

  • 2. Select the Best Software:

    Next, you will want to select a software program to help you complete the form. Consider using LegalSimpli. This allows you to fill out legal paperwork easily using a browser-based application. The process is fast and easy, plus it lets you easily edit any PDF form in whatever ways you may need.

  • 3. Fill Out the Form:

    Using LegalSimpli, go through the form and fill in each of the boxes. The Social Security Administration has helpfully provided spaces for all the information you need to provide as well as instructions on how to fill out the form. If you need special assistance (such as guidance on non-standard identification), you can always contact the SSA.

  • 4. Review the Document:

    Once you have completed the document, take a moment to review it. A Social Security replacement form is a legal document with a declaration that the information is true and correct. Since Social Security number cards are important for identifying people in various situations, it is essential that you be certain about the information provided. Plus, taking a moment to review the form will help avoid any mistakes that may waste time and effort.

  • 5. Sign, Print and Send:

    Finally, you are ready to sign the document. You can do this easily online using LegalSimpli by drawing, typing or uploading a signature file. Then, you can print directly from the web applications. Once you have a signed and printed copy, you can send it by mail to the SSA along with the necessary documentation.

Social Security Replacement Form Frequently Asked Questions

No, requesting a Social Security number card is free, regardless of whether you are requesting an original or a replacement. The easiest way to do this is to complete a Social Security replacement form (online or via the mail). However, you can also visit your local Social Security Administration office to process the request. If you are sending your form via the mail, you may need to pay postage.

Anyone who is legally working in the United States should have a Social Security number. U.S. citizens may request them as well as legal non-citizens who are authorized to work. In some cases, other noncitizens may request a Social Security number. Typically, this requires documentation from a U.S. government agency indicating why you need one. If you are eligible to get an SSN, you are also eligible to request a replacement provided that you haven’t hit the limit for replacements (10 in a lifetime and three in a year).

You may need to provide various documents to prove your age, identity and citizenship/immigration status. Examples include a birth certificate, passport, driver’s license and immigration form. The Social Security replacement form includes instructions with examples of the types of documents that can satisfy each category of evidence.